Presenter: Ms Roxanne Joseph

There are currently twenty-five persons enrolled in the ministry which has as its two main objectives: ensuring that each worshipper experiences a feeling of “belonging”; and preparing the congregation for worship, by creating a peaceful, orderly and spirit-filled environment.
The Hospitality Ministers have organized two fund raisers during 2012. Proceeds have been used to obtain tokens of appreciation for the men in the parish and for producing the bookmarks used to welcome newcomers to the Cathedral.

The Hospitality Minister share the task of seating visitors and late-comers, of welcoming parishioners on arrival, and distributing the weekly bulletins.

Concerns and upcoming plans include providing ongoing training to the hospitality team, hosting seminars and retreats, visiting shut-ins and elderly, and maintaining a package of scarves which would be discreetly distributes should someone arrive for service in inappropriate dress. The team is giving consideration to working along with other groups in the parish to obtain and have installed a cooling system in the Cathedral.