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There are currently twenty-five persons enrolled in the ministry which has as its two main objectives: ensuring that each worshipper experiences a feeling of “belonging”; and preparing the congregation for worship, by creating a peaceful, orderly and spirit-filled environment.
The Hospitality Ministers have organized two fund raisers during 2012. Proceeds have been used to obtain tokens of appreciation for the men in the parish and for producing the bookmarks used to welcome newcomers to the Cathedral.

The Hospitality Minister share the task of seating visitors and late-comers, of welcoming parishioners on arrival, and distributing the weekly bulletins.

Concerns and upcoming plans include providing ongoing training to the hospitality team, hosting seminars and retreats, visiting shut-ins and elderly, and maintaining a package of scarves which would be discreetly distributes should someone arrive for service in inappropriate dress. The team is giving consideration to working along with other groups in the parish to obtain and have installed a cooling system in the Cathedral.

Mr. Collin Anthony
  • Primary responsibilities include: leading the praise and worship at Sunday mass at the Cathedral, and ministering at weddings, funerals and special services; other responsibilities include assisting the music ministries of out stations within the parish, and supporting various parish activities.
  • The choir’s overall objectives were stated as that of glorifying and praising God’s name through words and songs, (Psalm 66: vss 1 & 2), and encouraging a lively ministry in sync with cultural characteristics of the Caribbean.
  • The choir is a volunteer group under the direction of Mrs. Jean Mathurin. It operates under established choir rules and has a small management committee;
  • Membership of 30 – 35 with a core group of 15 – 20.
  • Is always open to new members – all asked to be committed; Reading of music would be an asset but not mandatory
  • Seeks to have fun and good camaraderie through social functions


Acolytes and Altar Servers assist the Bishop and Priests with the celebration of the Mass, particularly through processions, and service at the presider's chair and altar. Men can be instituted as acolytes after undergoing formation provided by the Diocese. Any parishioner, who has received First Communion can be a junior or senior (adult) server.

Contact: HFC Parish Administrator
Phone: +1 268 560-2693


Animators provide information and guidance to the Faithful during the celebration of Mass. They lead the Community in the Prayer of the Faithful and also read notices at the end of Mass. Persons interested in this ministry should contact the Administrator.

Contact: HFC Parish Administrator
Phone: +1 268 560-2693


The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest in distribution of Holy Communion at Masses, or by taking Communion to the sick and housebound. Persons interested in this ministry should contact the Administrator.

Contact: HFC Parish Administrator
Phone: +1 268 560-2693


The Ministers of the Word proclaim the Scripture Readings at Mass. Persons interested in this ministry should contact the Administrator.

Contact: HFC Parish Administrator
Phone: +1 268 560-2693


The Liturgical Committee is made up of persons involved in the various liturgical ministries in the church. The role of the liturgical Committee is to plan and co-ordinate the liturgical celebrations for the parish. A key function of this committee is to coordinate different elements of worship during services.

Coordinator: HFC Paish Administrator
Phone: +1 268 560-2693


"God has bestowed upon his people the gift of song. God dwells within each human person, in the place where music takes its source. Indeed, God, the giver of song, is present whenever his people sing his praises".

(USCCB, 2007.)

The role of the Choir, therefore, is to draw the assembly into greater communion with God by leading them in Praise and Worship during the Celebration of the Sunday Mass at the Cathedral.

At Holy Family Cathedral we have three choirs; the Senior Choir the Youth Choir and the Children's Choir.

H.F.C. Senior Choir
The H.F.C. Senior Choir meets for practice on Thursday evenings at 7:30PM
Coordinator: Mrs. Jean Mathurin Phone: +1 268 461-1249 Email:
H.F.C. Senior Choir is also available for Weddings, Funerals and Special Services.
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H.F.C. Youth Choir
On the third Sunday of each month, the H.F.C. Youth and the H.F.C. Children's Choir lead the assembly in praise and worship during the Sunday Liturgy at the Cathedral. The Youth Choir meets for practice each Friday at evening at 5:30 PM.
Coordinator: Mrs. Jean Mathurin Phone: +1 268 461-1249 Email:

The Children's Choirs meet each Friday at 5:00PM

Coordinator: Mrs. Lesley Roberts Phone: +1 268 462-4680


The main objectives of the Ministry of Hospitality are to:

  1. ensure that worshippers experience a feeling of "belonging" and
  2. prepare the congregation for worship, by creating a peaceful, orderly and spirit-filled environment.
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Contact Person: Clementine Toulon
Phone: +1 268 723-9000
Email: -


With the unique sound of the pan the HFC Steel Orchestra brings a cultural flavour to the music during celebrations of our liturgies at the Cathedral. The Steel Orchestra also assists the Choir as it leads the assembly in praise during the Sunday Liturgy. The HFC Steel Orchestra is available for Weddings, Funerals and other Church Services.

Coordinator: Vashti Ramsey
Phone: +1 268 770-6719


"One can speak of the prayer of the body. This can express its praise, it petition with movements, just as is said of the stars which by their evolution praise their Creator" (cf. Baruch 3:34).
Through the art of movement and dance the HFC Dance Ministry Troupe seeks to enable the assembly to enter into praise and worship of God through prayer of the body.

Coordinator: Daniel Charles
Phone: +1 268 721-0368


The role of the sound and light technicians is to ensure that the microphones, sound system, lights etc. are in order and are functioning properly during our liturgical services.

Coordinator: Dn Bernard Duplessis
Phone: + 1 268 771 6840


Members of H.F.C. Flower Ministry Team give their time and talent to create the beautiful flower arrangements for our Liturgical Celebrations. This Team also prepares the various liturgical settings during Advent, Christmas and Holy week.

Contact Person: Mrs. Theresa Gregory
Phone: +1 268 463-2644