The objective of the Scout Troop is to build character, foster citizenship, promote fitness and enable our children and young people to develop leadership and teamwork skills. The Scout troop also assists the children in outdoor survival activities, health and safety, personal hygiene, outdoor cooking etc. The Holy Family Cathedral Scout Troop meets every Monday evening at 5:00 PM on the Cathedral grounds.

Coordinator: Patsy Q. Richards
Phone: +1 268 723-8163
Couples for Christ is a Family Based Catholic Ministry which offers Moral, Spiritual and Material Support to families. Its underlying objectives are to promote Christian Community Living and Evangelization by example. The three branches of the CFC ministry which operate at Holy Family Cathedral Parish are the Couples, Handmaids, and the Youth.

Contact Persons:

Cecelia Gomes Phone: +1 268 723-0480 Email:
Margaret Louisor Phone: +1 268 770-2285 Email:
Avit Laville Phone: +1 268 725-0022 Email:

With "Steadfast in Faith; Committed to Service" as its motto the Men's Fellowship seeks to make a difference in our Church and community. Activities of the Men's Fellowship include Holding Retreats for its members, Organizing Fundraisers and taking an Active Role in Parish Events.

Contact persons:

Ashworth Azille Phone: +1 268 771-4743 Email:

The Charismatic Renewal promotes the development of a personal relationship with God. With special emphasizes and devotion to Holy Spirit, we promote the sharing of our Faith, the Gifts and Charism of the Spirit and the practice of works of mercy. The Group meets every Wednesday, 7:30 PM at the Cathedral for Prayer, Praise and Worship.

Contact Person: Daisybelle Riley
Phone: +1 268 774-6085