The St. Martin De Porres faith community of Parham is primarily made up of young families. The community fundraisers include: the Mother's Day Breakfast and the Independence Day Brunch. St Martin De Porres Community holds an Agape every fifth Sunday. This community also has a Rosary Group which meets on Friday evenings.

Contact person: Annie Jno Baptist
Phone: +1 268 772- 4842

The role of the Good Samaritan Community is to serve the needs of the Catholic community in the Gray's Farm area. Mass for this community is celebrated in the Green Bay School on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Contact persons:

Sr. AnnIta Walsh
Phone: +1 268 461-2176

Margaret Louisor
Phone: +1 268 770-2285

The role of St Anthony's Church is to serve the needs of the Catholic community in the Potters area and beyond. In an effort to foster community and raise funds, parishioners organize two activities each year - a tea party and a bar-B-Q.

Contact Person:

Arthur Bird
Phone: +1 268 732-1216/726-2473

Altine Burden
Phone: +1 268 464-7403

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church serves the needs of the Catholics in the Villa area and beyond. The Committee of St. Francis Assisi Church, formed in 2012, seeks to address the needs of the Villa Faith Community. The ministry of this Committee includes the Upkeep and Maintenance of the church and its surroundings, Youth Affairs, Enhancement of the Liturgical Celebrations and the Handling of all Financial and Fundraising Activities. SFA shares the common mission of the Holy Family Cathedral, as it relates to the new evangelization.

Coordinator: Churchill Norbert
Phone: +1 268 764-8518