St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church serves the needs of the Catholics in the Villa area and beyond. The Committee of St. Francis Assisi Church, formed in 2012, seeks to address the needs of the Villa Faith Community. The ministry of this Committee includes the Upkeep and Maintenance of the church and its surroundings, Youth Affairs, Enhancement of the Liturgical Celebrations and the Handling of all Financial and Fundraising Activities. SFA shares the common mission of the Holy Family Cathedral, as it relates to the new evangelization.

Coordinator: Churchill Norbert
Phone: +1 268 764-8518

  • Formed a Committee in January 2012 to address needs specific to that congregation; Youth Affairs, Liturgical Committee, Upkeep and Maintenance, and Finance & Fundraising

  • Youth Affairs – sponsored three young persons to the AEC in St. Lucia, organizing a youth choir, a youth-led mass once a month; and Mother’s and Father’s day activities.

  • Liturgical Committee: seeking to building up musical instruments to enhance celebrations; give a small token of appreciation to visitors to the church; have organized for Stations of the Cross, and a mass to celebrate their patronal saint day on October 4.

  • Upkeep: installation of a water fountain, washed exterior walls, painted church, carried out repairs, and are working on acquiring an air conditioning system.

  • Finance and Fundraising: plans social activities for members, organized pledges to assist with sending youth to AEC; have held a Carnival fundaiser and cake sales, and are encouraging the practice of pledging among parishioners.

Mr. Norbert reported that SFA shares the common mission of the church and will embrace the mission of new evangelization and the vision of the larger church.