Holy Cathedral Hispanic Ministry is responsible for the Pastoral Care of our Hispanic community. Apart from the weekly celebration of Mass, this ministry provides for the Preparation of Candidates to receive the Sacraments. The Hispanic community meets weekly for Prayer and Faith Sharing.

Fr. Robert Ratajczak, S.V.D.
Phone: +1 268 776-7176
Deacon Anulfo Rosario
Phone: +1 268 724 7845

To best describe how this ministry functions, Fr. Robert likened it to basically running a sub-section of the parish in which all the services are provided in Spanish. This ministry oversees normal duties connected with baptism, marriage, and to a lesser extent, funerals, as the Hispanic community members prefer to send corpses back home for burial. Within this Ministry other sacraments and liturgies are provided, and visits to the sick and shut-in are done. Also forming part of this ministry are annual Advent and Lenten retreats, and a novena.

The Ministry, the assembly was told, was not limited to Antigua and Barbuda, but in fact covered a number of other Spanish-speaking Catholic communities throughout the diocese of St. John’s-Basseterre.

The importance of this work was explained against the backdrop of Hispanics representing between 5,000 – 8,000 persons of the population and by virtue of it being the largest single block of immigrants.

Fr. Robert reported that for this block of persons there is need for material and spiritual assistance and further stressed that as Christians we all need to help Hispanics integrate into the society, to feel welcome and to remain within the Catholic faith. The Hispanic community takes an active role in all the joint English-Spanish celebrations, and a member of the community serves on the Pastoral Council.